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#ChitChat | Choosing a Subscription Service

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Choosing Subscription Service

If you’re like me, you love samples. I would base my Sephora shopping sprees off of what cool coupon code came in via email. “Oh, is that a sample of Sunday Riley Luna? Let me see what I can add to my cart to nab that.” Chances were it was some collection of samples that Sephora put out… I told you, I just loooove samples. (I hope you read that in Krombopulos Michael‘s voice. You’re the best if you did. 💗)

On top of that, if you buy from almost any k-beauty site, you get to either pick samples or they send you some at random. It got to a point where I would collect them like the hoarder I am was. However, I’m here to help you not get like that. And by that I mean this. Now this isn’t a guide, but from what I’ve experienced as I’ve used each of these subscription services myself. I’ll also tell you which ones I’ll go back to once I’m officially off the no-buy. So let’s actually figure out, how do you choose the right subscription service for you. Read more…

October 25, 2017