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#ChitChat | Choosing a Subscription Service

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Choosing Subscription Service

If you’re like me, you love samples. I would base my Sephora shopping sprees off of what cool coupon code came in via email. “Oh, is that a sample of Sunday Riley Luna? Let me see what I can add to my cart to nab that.” Chances were it was some collection of samples that Sephora put out… I told you, I just loooove samples. (I hope you read that in Krombopulos Michael‘s voice. You’re the best if you did. 💗)

On top of that, if you buy from almost any k-beauty site, you get to either pick samples or they send you some at random. It got to a point where I would collect them like the hoarder I am was. However, I’m here to help you not get like that. And by that I mean this. Now this isn’t a guide, but from what I’ve experienced as I’ve used each of these subscription services myself. I’ll also tell you which ones I’ll go back to once I’m officially off the no-buy. So let’s actually figure out, how do you choose the right subscription service for you. Read more…

October 25, 2017

#ChitChat | My Current Beauty Favorites

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Current Beauty Favorites

Favorites are something that I’ve not really done. The most I talk about products is either a review or empties post… I’m exploring new territory here! It’s new and over time will improve. But for the time being, these are products that I’ve been using over and over, my current beauty favorites! I would typically start from left to right, but I think I’ll sort by category: Read more…

September 27, 2017

#ChitChat | I’m on a No-Buy and Here’s Why

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I’m all for finding the best product, not necessarily something that’ll save me money. However, with this seemingly endless quest comes all the many samples and full sized products that have come across my path. There’s the “Oh I def. Need to try that,” to “hmm, I’ll give that a shot, “ and also “I’ll get this sample pack if I spend $25. Now what to try?” And don’t even get me started on all of the subscription boxes (I’ve tried so many)! Due to all of those, I’m going on a fairly strict No-Buy. I mean, look at all of this!

I'm on a No-Buy

And this!

I'm on a No-Buy Read more…

August 27, 2017

#GirlCrush | 002 Miria

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Miria Ferreira

Profession/Major Hobbies?
I had a bunch of qualities that were almost useless in this capitalist world: I modeled, I painted, I danced, I styled, I nursed. Over time, things connected, and a position to become a Professional SFV for (PAR) appeared as an option in front of me to help me achieve my goals in the gaming industry.

Seeing that you travel a lot, how do you pack your beauty/personal care items? Do you bring full sizes or pack plane-friendly products?
I usually pack everything in travel-size products. It’s easier, compact, lighter. Read more…

July 19, 2017