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Miria Ferreira

Profession/Major Hobbies?
I had a bunch of qualities that were almost useless in this capitalist world: I modeled, I painted, I danced, I styled, I nursed. Over time, things connected, and a position to become a Professional SFV for (PAR) appeared as an option in front of me to help me achieve my goals in the gaming industry.

Seeing that you travel a lot, how do you pack your beauty/personal care items? Do you bring full sizes or pack plane-friendly products?
I usually pack everything in travel-size products. It’s easier, compact, lighter.

Do you have a special beauty routine to unwind from a long tournament weekend?
I usually take a long bath and clean my face using my Clarisonic Smart Profile with the Blueberry gentle cleanser by Glow Recipe, for my skin care I use my Lionesse Salt Scrub a glass of wine and a good anime on my laptop. When I’m done, I use my Lionesse Intensive Shea Butter, leaves skin super moisturized, brighter, and smells AMAZING. For my face I use the Lionesse White Pearl Facial Natural Peeling, this takes away all of the dead cells on your skin, you can actually see it when you gently rub it on your face, then I put on my Lionesse White Pearl Day Moisturizer, it smells really good, evens skin tone, brightens skin, it’s just amazing. Ending my routine with the Lionesse Amber Eye Cream.

You have five minutes to do you makeup, what would you use?
Foundation, highlighter, blush, mascara, eyebrow refill.

Do you have a signature scent or do you switch it up?
I do have my signature scent It’s “Pure Seduction” by Victoria’s Secret. Everyone knows it.

Do you follow makeup trends or is there a set look you go to?
I’m pretty basic when it comes to makeup, usually MAC, Channel, Anastasia. Don’t know many brands.

How do you keep up with all of your hobbies? Do you find it difficult to combine them?
For me, it is definitely not difficult, it’s like they’re part of me. One can go without the other. I’d say it’s a natural thing.

Who is your style or beauty icon?
Me, Myself and I.

If there was anything you could tell your younger self about anything beauty related, what would it be?


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July 19, 2017
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