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My Favorite Celebrity Scents

Happy Wednesday everyone! This post is a rehash of a post from my old blog, but still something I want to talk about. If you know me, you know I love to collect perfumes. Not like hoarding, because I use them all up, but I do have quite a few. I’m not really a connoisseur, but I do give each fragrance a sniff, even those that may be considered cheap. And I’ll be pretty honest, I’m a little embarrassed about this, but then not at the same time. It’s weird. Today we’re going to talk about celebrity scents, in particular, my favorite celebrity scents. Like I said, I’m a huge sucker for perfumes in general, so my spiral down the celebrity scent train was just a matter of time. Part of me is all, “you’re too old for this shit!” and the other part of me just doesn’t GAF. So let’s talk about this!

It all started with Lady Gaga Fame. I’m a fan of Lady Gaga and so I really got it for sentiment, but then I tried it and instantly fell in love. It’s floral, which is typically not my go-to, but it’s also fruity and deep. Must be the honey and balsamic in it. Definitely a sexy, night time scent. However, I’m boring, so I wear it whenever I want. And then *it* happened… We moved near a Marshalls.

The best part about shopping at Marshalls? The deals on beauty products, namely the scents. I mean, celebrity scents! I told myself that I would only experiment of celeb scents if I didn’t pay full price. And that’s exactly what I did. Until I decided I need to pay full price for Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy. Ulta got me with a sweet bag deal on any fragrance purchase. But hey, the girls have a carry-on luggage bag now! 😊

So what are my favorite celebrity scents? Let’s take a look at what I have here (and no, this isn’t all I have):

Lady Gaga Fame* | You can read my description above, but this holds a special place in my heart. I loved this so much that when I saw it at Marshalls, I bought all the bottles there. Don’t worry there were only two for $9.99 each. So I have all the backups I need… For now.

Rogue by Rihanna* | I love Rihanna and her IDGAF attitude. I may not like her music, but I like her. I had been wanting to try a Rihanna scent after a few ladies from the FGC (Fighting Game Community) had a discussion about perfumes a long while back. I happened across this at Marshalls and decided to give it shot. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s musky with a hint of vanilla and patchouli. I do feel though, you either really love this or really hate this. For me, this is a really love this.

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy* | This is exactly what it’s called, a very sweet, fruity, almost candy-like scent. Seriously, if you don’t want to smell like sugar, you may want to stay away. However, this particular scent changed my mind about a lot of sweet scents. I’m not a convert, but I do like it. This is a scent that I layer with and it works quite nicely.

Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition* | I haven’t tried any of the other Fantasy scents, but I don’t know that I need to. This scent changed how I feel about vanilla scents. I tend to layer this as well for the same reason above, but I really do love this. This isn’t overpowering in the least, which is why I tend to not love too many vanilla scents. Also, it doesn’t come off as too artificial. I recently had a talk with a gal at the Tom Ford counter and we both agreed that as we’ve gotten older, vanilla scents are much more pleasing.

Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition* | Another sweet and fruity scent, however this one is also very fresh. Perfect for day time, particular sunny day time. I can’t say much more than that. It’s just nice. I doesn’t seem like anything special, but I really don’t have anything else like it in my collection. I suppose that’s why it stands out.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday* | This one came up during the same ladies of FGC talk. A couple of us had already owned this and it is just so great. Such a yummy scent. I really don’t know how else to describe it. I’m sure its the caramelly goodness in it. If I’m feeling particularly girly, this is the scent I go for. Also, this is a scent I let me girls borrow if they want something to wear when dressing up.

Let’s talk about the honorable mentions. Nicki Minaj Onika* is another scent that is fruity, fresh and aquatic, but it has a very different feel than the JB one. I’m still playing around with it. David & Victoria Beckham Signature for Her is another scent that I like and I mostly use it when I for work days when I’m dressed up a bit more. It has an old lady, powdery scent, but it’s still pleasant. Lastly, One Direction Our Moment.* I got this recently and was really surprised by it. Especially since I only paid $4.99 for my bottle. I love that it’s sweet, but also very woody. Surprisingly sexy for a celebrity scent.

So what celebrity scents am I lusting after? I’m glad you asked, or wondered! Currently I want Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga, Madonna Truth or Dare, Katy Perry Purr (because of the adorable bottle) and Paris Hilton Can Can. I know, I feel horrible even muttering which ones I want, but seriously! Give these all a sniff! They smell amazing!

So what about you? Do you love celebrity scents or is these something you pass on? Let me know your favorites or share your utter disgust! I’d love to know either way!

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June 28, 2017
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