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Mother's Day Gift Guide

For those who don’t know, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I’m not huge on Mother’s Day, at least the mass consumer aspect. You should always appreciate your mother or motherly figure. Not everything needs to be bought; I personally love gifts that my kids make like crafts or drawings. Occasionally, they surprise me and end up getting me things I’m not expecting. However, if your mom is needing some T-L-C or perhaps needs some pampering, I’ve got some good ideas for you! I mean I do have a bit of experience in receiving Mother’s Day gifts, as well as giving them…

For the fragrance lover…

1. DEREK LAM 10 CROSBY in Silent St. | This scent is woody, its floral, its clean and everything sensual. If your mom is looking for a scent that is quite unique, this is definitely it. Perfect for the sophisticated mom.

2. LUSH Happy Mothers’ Day Luxurious Bouquet | All of the scents included in this gift set are fruity and oh-so yummy. This extends well past Mother’s Day and is sure to keep your mom happy and smelling great. While it’s good for any mom, this is great for the cruelty-free mom.

For the mom that needs some relaxation…

3. L’Occitane Nourishing Shea Butter Gift Set | This type of set is awesome because it comes with everything you need to unwind after a busy day. Slather that all over and then put on the suggestion below and snuggle up with a good book/movie/game, etc.

4. Daniel Green ‘Holland’ Scuff Slipper | These slippers are soft, squishy and feel like clouds. Perfect for the hard-working mom (which is pretty much every single mom). I would choose Charcoal, but this comes in Pink and Cream.

For the green thumb…

5. IdeaChic Bloom and Grow Seed Tins Set of 3 | Chances are you’ve already given your mom a pot. I’ve gotten plenty and they all have had plants in at one point. However, if your mom is looking to put some new flowers in, why not surprise her with these cute tins of ready-to-plant seeds! I love this idea and would

They’re not the fanciest of ideas, but for me, Mother’s Day isn’t about fancy gifts. It’s a day of appreciation for all the hard work moms out there do. I personally love drawings or things I can hang in my office, so my personal picks are things I can take with me and keep with me when I’m not with my kids. What about you? If you’re a mom, what gifts mean the most to you? And if you’re a child looking for a Mother’s Day gift, what gifts have you given in the past that were smash hits? Share in the comments!

I’m now going to go hug my babies (fur-babies too!) so I’ll see you back here on Mother’s Day for #SampleSunday!

May 10, 2017
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